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Hi, my name is Jacques Snyman and this page will give you a short introduction to me and my background, why I started TopResearchSupport.com, and what you can expect to get on this site.  I am pleased to meet you, albeit virtually and over the internet! I truly believe there is a reason why you found this website and why we are now aquainted here…

A little about me:  I was initially trained as an electronics and electrical engineer, worked for about ten years, completed an MBA, and then started a career in management consulting and teaching in May 1998.  I am passionate about teaching and seeing how my students grow and develop during their journeys of attaining a degree at a specific school.  I am hoping that you will find some value, guidance and support in the content and courses that I publish on this site!  I am rooting for yoru success!

The main reason for MBAs not completing their studies…? Yes, you guessed it – the research module!  If it looks like a huge mountain that you have to climb, and if it makes you feel a little uneasy and out of your depth, then you will find the right kind of support on this site.

The research journey is a lonely and long one where there is very little structured support compared to the other course work you have done.  I have had the privilege of accompanying a number of students on their research journeys over the past ten years.  This has given me the unique opportunity to see what the common challenges and mistakes are and how to overcome them.

The reason why I started this site is to help you as a masters level student to understand what is expected of you, what a typical research process looks like, what needs to be done when, and how best to do it.  The objective is to help you to complete your research on time and to a level of quality that you can be proud of.  I will share a boatload of knowledge and experiences with you from a supervisor and an examiner’s perspective regarding your dissertation.

Here is a recent post that illustrates five of the most common mistakes by research students and what to do about them.

To get more information on how to enrol for the “How to Choose a Topic for Your Research” module, or if you would like to use me as your “virtual supervisor”, please send me an e-mail to jacques@topresearchsupport.com or complete the form below.  I will be in touch to talk through the options. 

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Complete the information above and I will let you know when enrollment for the next “Crash Course in Research Success” starts.  This course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to successfully deal with the themes most students find challenging.  It gives practical guidance on how to best approach critical aspects of the journey like the literature review, gathering data and presenting your findings.  The tools, tips and “hacks” will save you precious time and get you to the finish line on time.

If you are ready for some company on this lonely journey, I am ready to walk with you for a little while…


Here are some useful resources for you!

Links to other specialists that can help with the following:

Statistics: Karen Grace-Martin from The Analysis Factor http://www.theanalysisfactor.com/

Guidance on writing skills:  Dr. DaveenaTauber


If you need any other specialist support, pleae send me an e-mail to jacques@topresearchsupport.com  I will gladly point you in the right direction!

I will continue updating this resources page – check back regularly.